iMETOS stations and disease models
iMETOS stations and disease models
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Data clustering en voorspellingsmodellen, Monitoring technieken
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Pessl Instruments GmbH
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+43 3172 55 21
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The Pessl Instruments models have been developed to provide the best information possible and allow you to make a conscious decision and use the best tools to produce more, both in terms of quantity and quality. The majority of them are a result of international scientific cooperation with research institutes and universities over the last 30 years. Having been used by farmers for several years in different climates and environments, they have proven their efficiency over time. Pessl Instruments has more than 80 disease models for more than 35 crops, which can be accessed directly through the platform. To offer full support of plant protection management we offer high precision, localized weather forecast, calibrated on the basis of on-site data, in collaboration with the Swiss partner Meteoblue. A forecast of all major meteorological variables and other agronomic information, plant protection window, is available on an hourly basis for 7 days, along with real-time data when you access the service on

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Training opmerking

Support/training provided.

Kosten detail

A local Metos Station for monitoring the environmental conditions is needed.
The station with sensors of air temperature, relative humidity, leaf wetness and rain would cost around 2000€ (incl. Web portal access etc..) plus 79€ license per crop package.
Renting the station is around 650€/year for 4 years.

Pest and disease forecast, annual license per crop for 3 seasons in one account (must have temperature, relative humidity, rain and leaf humidity sensors).
€ 168 / year

Voorbeelden/ Extra informatie

The starting point for the use of plant disease models are accurate measurements of environmental parameters. The Pessl Instruments stations are easy to install and maintain, and provide detailed information on the environment in which they operate.

The iMETOS® 3.3 station is an ideal tool for environmental monitoring in agriculture. It is simple to install and maintain and allows you to use all plant disease models available on the platform.
iMETOS® ECO D3 is the next generation of the efficient and simple data logger for soil moisture monitoring, ECO D2. It enables the connection of several sensors for weather monitoring and therefore allows the use of plant disease models.

Through API, the data from iMETOS stations can be used on web platforms that provide plant disease models and DSS for plant protection, such as those of Horta, Rimpro and Vitimeteo.

Areaal bedekt

Any acreage


Plenty of support is available


Uses weather stations


Depends on model

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