Ecological Dispensing System (EcoDis) mounted on drone (by Ecobotix)
Ecological Dispensing System (EcoDis) mounted on drone (by Ecobotix)
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Elosztási rendszerek a hasznos szervezetek számára (Alkalmazási technikák)
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Anders Petersen
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The EcoDis solution can be used for dispensing and distributing living organisms, such as different life-stages of beneficial insects and mites.

With the help of the EcoDis System mounted onto a drone it is possible to cover most types of crops and even difficult terrain - without risk of soil compaction.

The device ensures that the distribution of the macrobials is performed in an
optimum way:

  • Gentle (avoiding damage to the macrobials)
  • Precise (allowing for highly accurate precision application
  • Efficient (enabling for an even and completely automated delivery)
  • Versatile (proving ability to use many types of formulations)
  • Flexible (lightweight easily movable device)
További információért
Használt termények
  • Bogyós gyümölcsök
Lehetséges termények
  • Összes
  • Citrusfélék és gyümölcsök
  • Szabadföldi zöldségek
  • Gyümölcsös
  • Bogyós gyümölcsök
  • Cukornád
  • Faiskolai növények
  • Cukorrépa
Alkalmazási országok
  • Magyarország
Nem alkalmas országok
  • Nem meghatározott
  • Any pest species against which sprays are applied
  • Range of species
Műszaki követelmény megjegyzés

The Ecological Dispensing system requires a drone platform with a certain lift capacity. You may contact Ecobotix either for recommended platform, or to discuss integration with your current drone platform.

Táj megjegyzés

Typically the drone operation is 3 m above crops, but depending on the application.

Képzés megjegyzés

Drone training and permit is required.

Guidelines are provided for operating the Ecological Dispensing System, this does not require particular training

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With the Ecological Dispensing System you can distributed with a wide range of beneficials, including predatory mites, lacewings and parasitoid wasp. The patented application proces is uniquely gentle and precise, exploiting a combined priniciple of gravity and vibration for accurate dosing, minimizing any damage caused to the beneficals. In comparison, with competing solutions up to 50% of beneficials can be lost or injured in the application process, due to lack of gentleness.

  • Pest control