Ecological Dispensing System (EcoDis) adapted for boom mounting (by Ecobotix)
Ecological Dispensing System (EcoDis) adapted for boom mounting (by Ecobotix)
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The EcoDis solution can be used for dispensing and distributing living organisms, such as different life-stages of beneficial insects and mites.

With the help of the EcoDis System mounted onto a tractor it is possible for the grower to cover large areas evenly - even without the need to hire a trained drone operator.

The device ensures that the distribution of the macrobials is performed in an
optimum way:

  • Gentle (avoiding damage to the macrobials)
  • Precise (allowing for highly accurate precision application
  • Efficient (enabling for an even and completely automated delivery)
  • Versatile (proving ability to use many types of formulations)
  • Flexible (lightweight easily movable device)
Pour plus d'informations
Cultures utilisées
  • Chou
  • Plantes ornementales
Cultures possibles
  • Chou
  • Laitue
  • Cultures de pépinière
  • Plantes ornementales
  • Autres cultures affectées par les ravageurs
  • Fraise
  • Betterave sucrière
  • Herbes aromatiques
Pays utilisent
  • Danemark
Pays non appropriés
  • No Countries
  • Any pest species against which sprays are applied
  • Range of species
Commentaire sur l'exigence technique

The solution requires simply a boom that the EcoDis unit can be attached to.

Outdoors the solution can be installed on a tractor mounted steel boom or sprayer boom. It is also possible to mount the solution on an lighter vehicle such as an ATV or UTV. Indoors the system can be installed on sprayer or irrigation boom or other types of boom systems.

The system is battery powered from 12V batteries.

Options to select program and start/stop devices with the help of a mobile app.

Commentaire sur le paysage

The solution is well suited for:

- open-field (e.g., strawberries, vegetables)
- greenhouse mobile benches (e.g., ornamentals, herbs)
- potential adaptation to other systems

Commentaire sur la formation

There are no particular training requirements to use the system.

Detailed guidelines are provided with the solution.

Détail des coûts

The total cost depends on several factors, such as:

- You can achieve a higher level of biological protection – avoid need for spraying of insecticides (up to 100%)
- Achieve more with less macrobials (potential material saving of more than 60%)
- Spend less time on treatments (potential time saving up to 80%)

Please contact Ecobotix directly for more information on pricing, distributors and other type of relvant infomations.

Exemples de cas/ Informations complémentaires

Typically a percentage of predatory mites are lost due incidential killing or damaging by existing mechanical spreading system (such as leaf-blower type of systems). The quality drop can be as high as a 50% reduction in performance. With the EcoDis solution we do not observe any mortality of the predatory mites, hence a full effect from the beneficials can be expected!

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