Micron Micromax - Rotary CDA atomiser for blanket applications for boom sprayers and ATVs
Micron Micromax - Rotary CDA atomiser for blanket applications for boom sprayers and ATVs
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Fungi, Insectes, Herbicides
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Micron Sprayers Ltd
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The Micromax uses Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) offering a faster and cost-effective method for blanket applications. By producing the spray droplet sizes (3 available) appropriate for the particular application, the Micromax significantly reduces spray volumes and costs as well as minimizing the risk of environmental contamination. It is electrically driven and can be powered by using the vehicle battery. Designed for boom sprayers and ATVs.

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  • Gamme de cultures
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"We recently had our Amazone UF1801 boom sprayer converted into a CDA sprayer for work on our 1000 hectare farm. Fitted with Micron Micromax rotary CDA atomisers, the converted sprayer allows us to use as little as 30 litres per hectare with excellent results. I'm confident it is providing the crops with the same protection as a conventional sprayer. What is more, we have reduced the amounts of chemicals used - in some cases by a half" - Arkadiusz Karbowski, Farm Owner, Lubawa, Poland

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  • Crop sprayer
  • Disease control
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
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