Micron Herbiflex 4 - Handheld knapsack CDA sprayer for weed control
Micron Herbiflex 4 - Handheld knapsack CDA sprayer for weed control
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Herbicides, Mauvaises herbes
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Micron Sprayers Limited
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The Herbiflex 4 incorporates Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology, enabling users to reduce application rates and minimise spray drift. As lower water volumes can be used with the Herbiflex-4, the number of mixing and filling operations is reduced and offers benefits to operator safety. The Herbiflex 4's shielded head design allows for narrow band spraying of strips of weeds as well as for weed control in between crop rows. The A90 head produces an adjustable 10-50cm band width whereas the B120 head is capable is spraying between 15 and 75cm. An optional spray shield is available with the A90 model for spraying sensitive crops.


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Cultures utilisées
  • Vergers
  • Vignes
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  • Tous
Vitesse de travail

12 kilometres can be treated in two hours with just 5 litres of spray mix

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  • Weed control
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