DJI Drone Agras series
DJI Drone Agras series
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale
Production Systems
Open field
Technique Types
Application techniques, Spraying drones (Application techniques)
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Mites, Nematodes, Viruses
Company Name
DJI 14th Floor, West Wing, Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building, No.18 Gaoxin South 4th Ave, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, 518057.
Country Origin
Contact Person
Mischa Kohnen Phone: +49 (0)7143 2590894 Support: Shop:
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


This company sells a range of drones for spraying crops (Agras series) and also for mapping areas.  There is a lot of technical information on their web site about the performance of the various models.  

For More Information
Crops Used
  • Corn
  • Fruit trees
  • Potato
Crops Possible
  • Range of crops
Countries Used
  • China
  • Any pest species against which sprays are applied
Landscape Comment

The drones available can spray crops on flat terrain or slopes and can also spray fruit crops.

Cost Detail

Up to 25.000 EUR

Example Cases/Additional information

Working speed

7 m/s

Acreage covered

1 ha / 6 min, or 10 ha/hour

Mode of operation

Operator needed

  • Disease control
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
Media Files
Youtube Videos