CropMonitor Pro
CropMonitor Pro
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
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Big scale
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Open field
Technique Types
Decision support techniques, Diagnostics and detection techniques, Monitoring techniques
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Nematodes, Viruses
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United Kingdom
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Need for a special agricultural landscape
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CropMonitor Pro provides field-level predictions on growth stage development, pest & disease risk and optimal spray timing using a dedicated weather data feed, advanced risk models and local pest and disease surveillance data. Decision support outputs summarise combined pest and disease risks to crops, indicate the potential need for treatment at key growth stages, and guide optimal treatment timing. Risk prediction and decision support services from CropMonitor Pro include forecasts for all pests and diseases which are important in terms of spray decisions from crop emergence onwards in wheat, oilseed rape and potatoes. Further crop modules and services are in development and will be launched in due course.

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Crops Used
  • Oilseed rape (canola)
  • Potato
  • Wheat
Crops Possible
  • French beans
  • Onion
Countries Used
  • United Kingdom
Cost Detail

Subscription per annum are £180 for the first field registered and £60 for each subsequent field irrespective of crop type.
Access to regional risk outputs from CropMonitor remains freely accessible to all.

Example Cases/Additional information

CropMonitor Pro is a S.M.A.R.T network. This means it operates by Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis, Risk Prediction and Treatment decisions.

The service is only designed for use in England and Wales.


Simple traffic light system to show crop susceptibility and suggests optimum times to spray – and when to avoid spraying – for up to four days ahead with up to 85% accuracy.

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