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UV-systems (Application techniques)
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ATG Ingeniería
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BIOCAPTUR S50 is an innovative, ecological solution for pest control in intensive agriculture. It is high-performance equipment based on the emission of electromagnetic radiation and uses LED technology as emitters of this radiation.  The equipment is designed to operate at night, activating its operation through photoelectric sensors that can be combined with hourly timers. BIOCAPTUR S50 works with specific LED technology to attract pests, suck them out and finally catch them.

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Crops Used
  • Tomato
Countries Used
  • Chile
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Tuta absoluta
Example Cases/Additional information

Trials carried out with Biocaptur S50 and its previous prototypes in greenhouses in different agricultural areas demonstrated its ability to exert definitive control over Tuta absoluta. By affecting the Tuta colony installed in the greenhouse from the early stages of its biological cycle, it not only reduces the population drastically, but also negatively affects its reproductive phase.

Acreage covered

Optimal on 5,000 square metres and has 360˚ turning functionality.


Free central support

Mode of operation

Biocaptur S50 incorporates a suspension system that adapts to the phenological development of the crop, a very high level of protection against the usual conditions inside a greenhouse and technical properties that ensure a long useful life. It has very low consumption levels and is easy to install and use.

  • Pest control
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