Natutec Drive
Natutec Drive
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Farm Scale Types
Big scale
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Distribution systems for beneficials (Application techniques)
Application Ranges
Insects, Mites
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United Kingdom
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Need for a special agricultural landscape
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Natutec Drive is available to apply Koppert products evenly over the crop to get the most effective pest control. The product is a unit with a patented release system to disperse material into an airstream for distribution through tubes over crops. The Natutec Drive is applicable in any situation and based on the specifications of the greenhouse. The Natutec Drive module can be used as a customized vehicle or on existing farming equipment, no matter what crop system. This product is only available in combination with Koppert products.

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Crops Used
  • Strawberry
Crops Possible
  • Several
Countries Used
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
Countries Not Suitable
  • No Countries
  • Range of species
Tech Requirement Comment

The user puts beneficial insects inside the drum, which can carry up to 30 litres of material. The Natutec Drive will rotate the drum to keep the beneficial insects homogeneously mixed. This technology divides the beneficial insects equally over a number of rows. By using air, the beneficial insects are then transported through tubes and eventually land exactly onto the crop. Because of its unique design, the natural enemies suffer no damage when the blower is used. There are currently three versions of Natutec Drive to accommodate 4 to 8 row systems. Natutec Drive is currently used to distribute a number of Koppert's live biological products, including Spidex Vital, Swirski, Thripex, Chryposa, and Anso-Mite.

Landscape Comment

For use in greenhouses.

Cost Detail

The machines are leased to the customer as an extension to the service and supply of IPM available from Koppert.

Example Cases/Additional information

Natutec Drive is now being used with success by growers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Demo trials are currently being set up in Germany, France and the US. Case study:

Working speed

Manually distributing beneficials over strawberries takes an average of 140 minutes for each hectare – the Natutec Drive brings this down to 36 minutes, barely a quarter of the time. The device also allows for combined blowing of beneficials, saving the grower even more time.


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