Sprayer vision
Sprayer vision
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale, Small scale
Production Systems
Open field
Technique Types
Application techniques, Decision support techniques, Diagnostics and detection techniques
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Mites
Company Name
Country Origin
United States
Contact Person
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


Farmwave equipment uses vision-based artificial intelligence to add value. Farmwave hardware can be mounted on the header and back of farm machinery to capture, and geo-tag, an image every 5 seconds.  For example, the hardware can be mounted on a sprayer and used to take images that assist with: pest and disease identification; plant counts; growth stage (crop height); weed detection (see and spray); % application coverage; nozzle performance.

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Crops Used
  • All
Countries Used
  • United States
  • Range of species
Example Cases/Additional information

There are case studies on the website: https://farmwave-ai.com/case-studies.