Innok - Spraying Robot SPE 200/236
Innok - Spraying Robot SPE 200/236
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale, Small scale
Production Systems
Greenhouse, Open field
Technique Types
Application techniques, Sprayers (Application techniques)
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Mites, Nematodes
Company Name
Innok Robotics GmbH
Country Origin
Contact Person
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


This company develops autonomous mobile robots for indoor and outdoor use.  One model can be adpated for spraying crops.  It is used remotely, semi-automatically or autonomously.

For More Information
Crops Used
  • Open field vegetables
  • Vegetables
Countries Used
  • Germany
Tech Requirement Comment

Technical support upon e-mail. Mechanical height adjustment, spraying vertical and horizontal; Control panel with pressure control and manometer. This spraying robot works with a loaded tank of 200 litres.

Landscape Comment

43 % climbing ability

Working speed

max. 5 km/h


Technical support upon email

Mode of operation



Control panel with pressure control and manometer; Suction filter and pressure filter

  • Crop sprayer
  • Pest control