Biosense Laboratories
Biosense Laboratories
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale, Small scale
Production Systems
Greenhouse, Open field
Technique Types
Diagnostics and detection techniques
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Fungi
Company Name
Biosense Laboratories
Country Origin
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


Pocket Diagnostic in-field tests are designed to give growers, consultants and inspectors information about plant health where and when it is needed. Disease presence can be confirmed in just a few minutes anywhere in the glasshouse, field or supply chain. Everything needed for testing plants in the field is included in the pack. The unique ‘bottle and ball’ sample preparation method means that only 20-30 seconds of shaking are needed before the test can be run. Lateral flow devices are used to detect disease in plants.

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Crops Used
  • Tomato
Crops Possible
  • Potato
  • Tomato
Working speed

30 seconds


Free central support

Mode of operation

Workable in lab and under field conditions


High accuracy, ELISA principle

  • Diagnostics