Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale
Production Systems
Open field
Technique Types
Application techniques, Spraying drones (Application techniques)
Application Ranges
Bacteria, Beneficials, Insects, Nematodes, Others, Liquid fertiliser
Company Name
Drone4Agro Ltd
Country Origin
Contact Person
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


Drone for Agro, tailor-made agricultural drones for spraying and fertilizing crops. This is a start-up company in the Netherlands working on drones for agriculture for different applications, such as spraying, fertilizing, sowing, etc.. The company makes drones for a 5 to 100 litre payload. Will work with biological control options like bacterial mixes, nematodes, etc. Drone4Agro offer 4 basic types of drones with spans from 3 to 9 metres. Each is delivered with a standard battery pack and charger, ex service and maintenance. The battery charges 80% in ca 25 min. Range extender optional, but not included. 

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Crops Used
  • Vegetables
Crops Possible
  • Corn
  • Potato
Countries Used
  • Netherlands
Acreage covered

5 ha/hour, with tank capacity of 5 to 80 litres

Mode of operation

Programmable and automatic

  • Pest control
Media Files
Youtube Videos