eBEE SQ -The Advanced Agricuture Drone
eBEE SQ -The Advanced Agricuture  Drone
Technical Specification
Technology Readiness Level
Farm Scale Types
Big scale, Small scale
Production Systems
Open field
Technique Types
Monitoring techniques, Crop monitoring​ (Monitoring techniques)
Application Ranges
Company Name
senseFly SA
Country Origin
Contact Person
+41 21 552 04 40 info@sensefly.com
Special Requirement
Need for a special agricultural landscape
Need Special Training


The eBee Ag is a reliable, affordable fixed-wing drone that helps farmers, agronomists and service providers map and monitor crops quickly and easily. With its fixed Duet M multispectral/RGB camera, automated flight and vast coverage, eBee Ag delivers accurate and timely plant health insights for making better decisions to improve crop yields, save on inputs, allocate resources and achieve greater profit potential.




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Crops Used
  • All
Crops Possible
  • All
Countries Used
  • Switzerland
  • United States
Countries Not Suitable
  • No Countries
  • Range of species
Training Comment

Full details provided

Example Cases/Additional information

After a simple hand launch, your eBee Ag drone will then fly, capture images and land by itself. eMotion’s built-in Flight Data Manager automatically handles the georeferencing & preparation of images required for post-processing in software such as Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dfields.

Working speed

Flight time: 45 minutes with standard battery and up to 55 minutes with available endurance battery

Acreage covered

Max. nominal coverage at 122 m (400 ft)
Ground sampling distance at 122 m (400 ft)
Lowest ground sampling distance (42m)
160 ha (395 ac) with a Standard battery
200 ha (494 ac) with Endurance battery


Global network = local support senseFly’s renowned Technical Support is never far. Get your senseFly drone repaired locally, thanks to our global network of authorized repair centres.

Mode of operation

Flown by operator


Down to 2.5 cm absolute accuracy with RGB. Available RTK allows you to achieve the high precision accuracy your project requires, without GCPs.
2.8 cm/px (1.1 in/px) RGB
11.5 cm/px (4.5 in/px) Multispectral
1.1 cm/px (0.4 in/px) RGB
4 cm (1.6 in) Multispectral

  • Crop monitoring
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