SmartProtect Platform has been developed in the framework of the SmartProtect project, aiming to operate as a freely accessible repository where end-users have access to innovative IPM methodologies and technologies, while it is also possible to contribute to Platform’s content by suggesting solutions to be incorporated and uploaded on the Platform. Through such an interactive approach, end-users along with technology providers can add a solution by filling a simple form. In this way knowledge exchange is promoted, allowing access to innovative IPM solutions to all interested parties, who otherwise may lack the possibilities to get involved in such knowledge transfer.

In order to add a solution, a user should be registered, which is possible by creating a profile on the Platform. The Log in button offers the ability to the registered users to log in, while non-authenticated users can register. Registration requires First name, Last name, email address, and setting a password. Upon registration, a verification email will be sent to your email, providing a verification link for the registration. Upon verification, you can navigate to SmartProtect Platform and upload an IPM solution. After Log in by using the personal credentials, you have the ability to edit your profile, see the solutions that you have uploaded (in the My solutions section) and Log out.

By selecting My solutions and then Adding a new solution, you get redirected to the form, where a new solution can be added. A solution can either be saved as a draft or be submitted for further review from the project’s consortium for validity prior to publication. Some fields of the form are required (solution name, type of technique, application range, farm-scale type, production system, country of origin, short description, crops used, company name and website), while other field are optional (technology readiness level, image, technology requirement comments, landscape comments, training comments, example cases, cost details, working speed, acreage covered, support, mode of operation, accuracy, crops possible, species, countries used, countries not suitable, keywords, YouTube links, special requirement, need for a special agricultural landscape, need for special training, uploading of attached files, and contact person). Filling the fields is a simple procedure that requires typing the appropriate text in the corresponding fields, or selecting the proper option from an already provided list.

You are kindly invited to become part of the SmartProtect community, discover the Platform and be a part of the SmartProtect network!