Trailed sprayer WHIRLWIND M612 "ALBATROS"
Trailed sprayer WHIRLWIND M612 "ALBATROS"
Úroveň připravenosti technologie
Typ farmy
Velký podnik, Malý podnik
Systém produkce
Typy technologií
Způsoby aplikace, Postřikovače (Způsoby aplikace)
Rozsah aplikace
Houby, Hmyz, Roztoči
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Contact Person
Stefano Martignani - General Manager email:
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The Whirlwind M612 "Albatros Field Crop" Sprayers are sprayers with a special boom configuration and are suggested for the application of fungicide/insecticide treatments on vegetable and nursery crops. The Whirlwind delivers its spray in a fine mist that penetrates dense foliage, covering leaves, fruit and twigs alike with a fine coating of chemicals on all sides. No bare areas and no wasteful chemical run-off.  It assures high speed operation, very fine and constant mist independent of the water flow rate, uniform coverage and distribution of chemicals, exceptional working range and penetration in any crop, of whatever shape - and even in difficult weather conditions.

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Plodiny použité
  • Kukuřice
  • Jahody
  • Tabák
  • Zeleninové plodiny (Melouny, rajčata, jahody apod.)
Země použití
  • Austrálie
  • Kanada
  • Itálie
  • Jihoafrická republika
  • Spojené státy
  • Europe
Pracovní rychlost

Up to 12 km/h


Free technical assistance upon email


All the air sucked in by the dual intake blower is used, with Uniform airflow on all of the outlet section and perfectly directed airstream. Each nozzle can be individually closed or calibrated. No run-off from foliage even at high volume.

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  • Crop sprayer
  • Pest control
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